lon las

Starting at Holyhead port/station, 7am you will travel south following route 8.


How hard will it be?



Running for 250 miles alone is a tough enough feat, but 250 miles on mainly roads will be painful. In addition, there are some big climbs along some of the route of 500metre+ elevation.

The race itself will be virtually self sufficient. We will supply you with WATER ONLY at checkpoints.

The checkpoints will be approximately every 25 miles.

You will be allowed access to your bag (1x bag per runner) every 50 miles and shops and pubs are allowed.

There will be little to no shelter at checkpoints, so you must be prepared for bad weather and willing to 'rough it'

A time limit will be set at 88 hours, meaning that you can complete the challenge IF you keep moving at around 2.9 mph. A halfway time limit will also be strictly enforced (TBA)

You will be constantly monitored by tracker to ensure that you are following the correct route and GPX navigation is allowed.

No outside assistance is allowed.

No crews allowed.

No pacers allowed.

No sticks allowed.

However, friends and family can offer verbal support along the route.

If you drop out, you must arrange your own way home, however we will try to take you to the nearest train station when it is convenient, so please have a drop out plan.


Whats included?


A start

A finish

Vehicle checkpoint support every 25 miles (water only)

Bag access every 50 miles

Track trail Tracking

Comprehensive maps

Finishers t-shirt

Big finishers medal



Pride/Lifetime achievement