You must wear hi-viz clothing for the duration of the event.

You must wear hi-viz and head torch and flashing LED lighting in all directions during night running.

You must carry a fully (seamed) waterproof jacket at all times.

You must carry a space blanket and a bin liner at all times.

You must carry a mobile phone and have a backup phone in your drop bag and extra power (vehicle charging will be limited)

You must carry money and a credit card.

You must have a means of carrying upto 2 litres of water and high energy foods to last between drop bag CP's (every 50 miles)

You can use local shops and pubs on route.

You cannot use hotels/BnB's/hostels/friends houses.

You cannot have any outside help/support.

You cannot use walking sticks.

You can use GPX files of the Lon Las Cymru Sustrans route 8.

You should run facing traffic where possible. The route will be very low on traffic but some sections can be busy.

You must reach the halfway point (Llandidloes) in no more than half the full allocated time limit.

No awards will be made to any runner finishing outside the allocated time limit.

You must arrange your own way home if you drop out AFTER returning your tracking device and informing the RD (every effort will be made when convenient to get you to the nearest station)

You must have a sleeping bag in your drop bag.

You are allowed ONE average sized drop bag. (We cannot transport any other luggage)

Use of headphones is strictly prohibited.


All rules subject to change.


Criccieth Castle Mile 60